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Additional Services

Teens - revision and exam stress, behavioural and emotional wellbeing

Many children and young people experience increasing pressure when it comes to day to day life, school and exams - and their emotional and physical health can suffer. Kinesiology offers support in a different dimension to talking therapies/counselling and can be used safely as a stand alone or alongside other support methods for emotional health and wellbeing.

In regards to exams and revision, Kinesiology can swiftly help improve focus, comprehension, clearer thinking, left brain/right brain integration, central nervous system balance and memory. In addition, sessions are focused on individual needs to overcome distress, fears or worries.

An individual holistic lifestyle plan around sleep, nutrition and exercise is also given so that life can be a positive experience and help sustain the improvements in wellbeing. 

I offer a special discounted rate for Students and Young People, so please contact me for details.


Bach Flower Remedies

I use Bach flower remedies within kinesiology sessions - but I can also offer this as a stand alone treatment using muscle testing and/or Bach colour cards to determine the specific Bach flowers you need. Bach flowers have the power to rebalance and resolve negative emotional and mental states in an amazing way.

You'll discover a Bach Flower blend that will help to increase your emotional wellbeing, inner strength and mental clarity.

Sessions cost £30 for 30 minutes

I hold a current Enhanced DBR Certificate

Disclaimer Note:

I am a fully insured Systematic Kinesiology Practitioner and a member of T.A.S.K. I work within a standard Code of Ethics. All treatments are confidential.

Please note that Systematic Kinesiology is not intended to replace medical treatment and care, but can be beneficial alongside this. Complementary therapists are not allowed to diagnose medical conditions. As with all medical and complementary therapies, no specific results can be guaranteed.

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